White Abayas

Here at AbayaTopia, we believe that just because Muslim women’s clothing is modest, there is no reason it can’t be stylish, too. Our vast range of stunning white abayas come in a variety of sophisticated designs and beautiful materials.

17 products

17 products

Our selection includes both white open abayas and closed abayas, as well as layered white abaya and white kimono designs. Many of our white abayas also come with front zips and side slit pockets.

We stock plain white abayas that are a comfortable option for prayer or everyday wear, as well as a variety of elegant, layered white abayas that are ideal for special events.

Many of our gorgeous white abayas come with matching hijabs or khimars. However, if the one you’ve added to your basket does not, then feel free to check out our headwear range today. You’re sure to find a white hijab or khimar that will pair flawlessly with your chosen white abaya.


White open abaya

Timelessly traditional and incredibly stylish, our wide range of white open abayas provide the ultimate in both modesty and comfort.  

Our white open abayas are ideal for layering over a simple slip dress to create a statement look. Their relaxed fit ensures our white open abayas are light and airy, whilst making sure that you are always well-covered.  

Available in a range of beautiful materials, including satin abayas and exquisite beaded options, our white abayas will empower you to express your identity with confidence and class.


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We hope you enjoy browsing our wonderful collection of stylish and elegant white abayas below.

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