Black Abayas

Here at AbayaTopia, we think that just because clothing is modest, there is no reason that it can’t be fashionable, too. Our extensive selection of stunning black abayas come in a variety of shades, elegant designs, and beautiful materials.

65 products

65 products

Our range includes both black open abayas and closed abayas, as well as layered black abaya and abaya kimono designs. Many of our black abayas also come with side slit pockets and front zips.

We stock plain black abayas for everyday wear, as well as a selection of elegant, layered abayas that are perfect for special occasions.

Many of our beautiful black abayas come with matching hijabs or khimars. However, if the abaya you would like to purchase does not, then check out our headwear range today. You’re sure to find a black hijab or khimar that will pair perfectly with your chosen black abaya.


Black open abaya

Incredibly stylish and timelessly traditional, our wide range of black open abayas provide supreme modesty and comfort. 

Perfect for layering to create a statement look, a black open abaya is the perfect option to pair with a simple slip dress. The relaxed fit of our black open abayas means they are light and airy, whilst ensuring you are well-covered. 

Our black open abayas are available in a range of gorgeous materials, including satin plain black abayas and stunning beaded options, enabling you to express your identity with class and confidence.


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An abaya is an item of clothing that is worn by Muslim women all around the globe. Worn over other clothing, abayas are long-sleeved and floor length. They are stylishly designed to hide the curves of the female body when a lady goes out of her home, or is in the presence of males outside of her family.


Abayas are available in many colours, with the black abaya being the most popular. Black abayas come in a range of different designs, such as open black abayas, closed black abayas, black kimono abayas and more.


Their fine fabrics, flattering cuts and exquisite embellishments make black abayas an elegant and fashionable wardrobe staple for every modest Islamic woman.


Take a look at AbayaTopia’s range of beautiful black abayas today, and feel free to get in touch with our helpful team with any questions.

Since abayas are floor length, the measurement of each abaya is determined by its length. For example, a size 50 black abaya will be 50 inches long.


As abayas increase in length, they also increase in width. Since our black abayas feature a relaxed fit to hide the body’s curves, they are suitable for the majority of body types, and sizes up to 18 in the UK.


Here at AbayaTopia, we stock black abayas in sizes from 52 inches to 60 inches in length, with some options also available in sizes 50 and 62.


Below, you’ll find a handy chart to help you determine the correct length when placing an order for your chosen black abaya.


Abaya Size

Abaya Length (inches)

Abaya Bust Width (inches)

Height (Feet/Inches)




5ft to 5ft1”




5ft2” to 5ft3”




5ft4” to 5ft5”




5ft6” to 5ft 7”




5ft8” to 5ft 9”


When measuring for your black abaya, it’s important to remember that the bottom of the abaya should fall a few centimetres below your ankle. However, it shouldn’t touch the floor – you don’t want to be tripping over it!


You’ll also need to add an extra inch or two if you’re planning to wear your black abaya with heels, to ensure your ankles are covered.

No, not all abayas are black. Whilst black is the most traditional colour for abayas, they are available in a wide range of colours and designs.


In Qatar and throughout the Middle East, the majority of women tend to wear black abayas.


There are many possible reasons why black abayas are the most common, including a few interesting legends! However, the most likely reason is that if a Muslim woman were to stand in a harsh or bright light, the outline of her body would certainly not be visible under a black abaya.


The black abaya will never go out of style, as not only does black look stylish and elegant, but it is also the most slimming colour!


We hope you enjoy browsing our beautiful range of black abayas today. If you have any questions about our products, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our friendly team.