Modest Fashion on the Rise


Modest Fashion – a style that is being embraced by a growing number of women with every passing day. These women come from different walks of life, different cultural and religious backgrounds and yet they all have one thing in common, their love to wear clothes that guard their modesty and yet look great.


Each of these women may have different standards of modesty, a Muslim woman may consider her hijab to be a part of her modest outfit for example while it won’t be the case for a Christian woman who’s dressed according to her own personal standards of modesty. Similarly, for one woman, wearing sleeveless shirts is not modest but for another one it just might be, as long as it covers her shoulders. For some women, a midi skirt may be what they prefer to wear for modesty while others may only opt for full length maxi skirts. So, no matter how a woman defines a modest outfit, it is simply about covering herself in a way that does not appear revealing to her and one in which she feels at ease.


A great number of women who opt for modest fashion believe that dressing modestly has made them more confident and empowered than they have ever felt before. In recent years, women wearing modest outfits made headlines as they excelled in different careers such as sports or politics and hence they proved time and again that a woman’s outfit can never stop her from achieving what she wants.


It is unfortunate to see that many people continue to associate the word modest with boring and restricted outfits. Modest outfits can be as stylish and tasteful as their counterparts and this is being proven by a number of different Christian, Jewish and Muslim fashion bloggers who continue to redefine modest fashion and help it evolve.  


With the growing interest of women in modest outfits, increasing number of brands have started investing in this market. It was in 2014 that for the first time a US based fashion house, DKNY, launched a modest collection. But in just a few years, hundreds of small and big brands have followed suit and this also includes luxury brands like Dolce & Gabbana and Tommy Hilfiger. They came forth with different modest outfits like long skirts, full sleeved shirts, flowy abayas, gowns and much more. So modest fashion is a trend that is becoming increasingly popular and it’s becoming a global fashion phenomenon in its own unique way.


The beauty of modesty is it’s versatility and how it follows no rules. But there are certain essentials that can help you turn any outfit you like into a modest one. The most important items are of course the layering tools, which can include tank tops, kimonos, cardigans and jackets. These layering items can easily be used to cover shirts or dresses that are sleeveless or have deep necklines. Since it can be a bit hard to find modest bottoms, long skirts and dresses are always a good alternative as they’re not just modest but also easily available and they look good in every season.  One of the greatest advantages of dressing modestly that women experience is that they no longer have to worry about what people think of them or if they’re looking hot enough. In this way, by choosing modest outfits, they are able to reduce stress in their lives and give more time and be focused on more important issues like their health, family and work. So in short, modest fashion is a beautiful blend of a woman’s religious beliefs and her love for fashion. These women are truly inspiring and need to be appreciated and respected for their choices, as every woman deserves to dress the way she wants.

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  • Mahta

    I love this. This is so true. I will add that hijab is an Arabic word to cover. Basically stating a head covering and it predates islam. So i believe anyone can wear a head covering as well.

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