Importance of Hijab in Islam

What is a hijab?

Hijab does not mean hiding your beauty nor does it make you less beautiful in any way. It gives a sense of security to a woman and it’s not used to disgrace her.

At the same time, it is strongly advised that she starts dressing modestly. In Islam wearing a ‘black burka’ or headscarf is not the main requirement as most people like to associate the ‘hijab’ with a black cloak covering. Some even go to the extent and ask why do Muslim women dress like ninjas? Covering the face is not mandatory and some women simply do this for their own self contentment.

The clothing should be loose, so the body shape is not revealed. Some cultures have specific clothing for females and may be offended by some of the types of clothing available in the western world. A Muslim woman is free to wear any kind of modest clothing, as long as it meets the standards and is not too revealing.

Although there are many benefits of Hijab. It is first and foremost a commandment from Allah. Therefore, wearing it is an act of faith and obedience to the creator, as mentioned in the Quran :


Hijab does not mean that you are not like other Women. It means that you choose to save yourself from other social evils. Hijab provides a sense of security to a woman. It increases her confidence because she knows that she is well covered and can move around easily in areas which are congregated by male counterparts.

Identification of Muslim Women

Hijab in Islam in some sense is the main identification of a Muslim woman. However, Islam gives women rights in the home as well as in society. The other valuable privileges they have are the right to earn their own money, to buy and own property, to be educated, entitlement to family inheritance, to be treated with love, to vote, keeping their maiden name, to be able to worship in a mosque and to divorce. One might have observed that Muslim women are gaining the finest education.

When the weather is hot people will recognise a Muslim lady due to their attire and may think that they are at risk due to to the way they are covered up. However, there are plenty of ways around this and the hijab can be adjusted according to needs as long as it follows the basic principles.

Why do Muslim women wear Hijab

Women have been given the utmost respect and highest status in Islam. Hijab is not just a dress code, it signifies something deeper. For Example, it is a barrier between a man and a Muslim woman. In essence, Hijab provides the Muslim woman with both spiritual and physical peace and harmony.

Adapted from muslims-life.

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