How to Style Abayas

Abayas are worn by many Muslim women as part of their day-to-day outfits. Islam teaches that modesty must be guarded, and abayas are the perfect clothing choice to ensure that the curves of the female body are well-covered. 
In addition to this, there are several other reasons why abayas are so popular with women all over the world. They’re comfortable, convenient, often made from beautiful materials with amazing drape, and they are just so easy to style. 
Here at AbayaTopia, we have an extensive range of abayas in different styles, including open and closed abayas, kimono designs and layered abayas in a range of gorgeous materials. You’re sure to find an option for every occasion within our collection. But once you’ve purchased your chosen abaya, how do you style it? 
In this blog, we’ve put together our top tips for how to style abayas, so read on to get inspiration for your next outfit!

What to wear under an abaya

Firstly, if you choose a closed abaya, then what to wear under your abaya isn’t even a consideration. Closed abayas give you the freedom to wear anything you like underneath them, as your outfit is completely covered. Whether you choose jeans and a tee shirt, or opt to keep your PJs on whilst you pop to the shop – who’s going to know? 
Robin Embellished Beaded Closed Abaya
If you’re planning on purchasing an open abaya or abaya kimono, you may want to consider the clothing underneath your abaya a little more carefully. This is because it may be partially visible at times, especially if you choose not to wear a belt. 
Open abayas and abaya kimonos can be styled in numerous ways, making them very popular with Muslim women in the UK and all over the world.
As less is usually more in modest fashion, we recommend keeping your look simple and uncluttered when styling your abaya.
Esme Flared Open Abaya
Pairing your open abaya or kimono abaya with a coordinating belt is a great way to add instant chic to your outfit. It also draws the edges of the abaya together for more modesty. 
You can wear any outfit underneath your open abaya, as long as it covers any part of your body that will be exposed at the front of the abaya. For example, a plain white tee-shirt and jeans paired with an open abaya and belt is a great casual look that will ensure you are noticed for all the right reasons. However, for a more formal look, we recommend styling your open abaya with one of our stunning dresses or jilbabs. 
The outfit you choose to wear underneath your abaya will obviously vary depending on the weather. Sweaters and jeans are a great way to style your abaya in the winter, whereas you might want to opt for a simple slip dress in the warmer months.

What colour is best for abayas?

Historically, in Arab countries, the customary black abaya was deemed to be more respectful than coloured ones, being a sign of respect.
However, even in conservative countries such as Saudi Arabia, coloured abayas are now a frequent sight.
Here in the UK, Muslim women choose to wear abayas in a range of colours. And at AbayaTopia, we have beautiful abayas available in a wide range of stunning jewel tones. These are perfect for occasional wear, when you may want to inject a pop of colour into your life.
If you plan to wear your new abaya frequently, it’s a good idea to opt for a neutral colour such as black, grey, beige or brown, as this will allow you to mix and match more outfit combinations. Another benefit of abayas in these colours is that they can be worn for any occasion, from formal evening events to everyday wear - making them highly versatile. 
And of course, you can wear closed abayas in any colour you like – as the outfit underneath won’t be visible, there’s no need to coordinate!
Many of the abayas in our vast collection come with matching headwear to complete your outfit. If the abaya you like does not, check out our range of hijabs and khimars for inspiration.
3 Layer Triangular Chiffon Khimar Hijab

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