Different Types of Abaya

Modest and stylish, abayas are a wardrobe staple for many Muslim women. However, all abayas are not created equally! There are, in fact, many different types of abaya to choose from.
In this blog post, we’ll cover the various styles of abaya, helping you to create a chic new look for any occasion.

What is an open abaya?

Open abayas cover the body from the shoulder to the ankle, but are open at the front. The clothing worn underneath an open abaya should cover any exposed skin at the front of the body, to ensure modesty.
Open abayas are often worn with matching belts, drawing the edges together for further coverage. The addition of a belt also provides more of an A line maxi dress style, creating a flattering waistline without overly defining the curves of the body.
Here at AbayaTopia, we stock a wide range of open abayas in a variety of styles, materials and colours. So, you’re sure to find the perfect abaya for either everyday wear or a special occasion.
Esme Flared Open Abaya - Black

What is a closed abaya?

Closed abayas are the ideal option if you’d like a garment to throw over your other clothing without anything underneath it being revealed.
Giving you the freedom to wear any type of clothing you like, a closed abaya covers the whole body, from shoulder to ankle.
We have closed abayas available in sizes from 50 to 62 inches. For help choosing the correct size of abaya for you, take a look at the size chart displayed on each individual product page.
Premium Quality Solid Satin Kaftan with Hijab

What is a kimono abaya?

Solving casual and special event clothing dilemmas alike, the kimono abaya is a gorgeous alternative to the classic style of abaya.
Their wide, flowing sleeves provide you with breathability, and they feature a sash that can be tied at the waist for extra coverage and waist definition.
As they’re so versatile, kimono abayas are the perfect wardrobe staple to pair with a range of outfits. Our extensive collection ensures that you’ll find an option in the design, colour, and size you need, so browse our collection today to find a kimono abaya to suit your unique style.
Aysha Lace Kimono - Nude

What is a layered abaya?

As the name suggests, layered abayas comprise several layers of fabric. Often featuring frilled edges, they can add the perfect amount of dimension and texture to complement any physique.
Some of our layered abayas include handy pockets, and many come with matching hijabs to complete your outfit. If the layered abaya you’ve chosen to add to your basket does not come with matching headwear, check out our range today. 
Layered Frill Open Abaya with Pockets

What is a Dubai abaya?

The detailed embellishments of elegant Dubai abayas have made them an extremely popular design amongst Muslim women, particularly for special events.
The delicate threads, fine lacework, and glittering stones and sequins of our Dubai style abayas are sure to add a touch of luxury to your wardrobe.
Juman Embroidered 4-Piece Full Abaya Set - Dove Grey

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