Prayer Abaya with Attached Hijab - Size 56 - AbayaTopia
Prayer Abaya with Attached Hijab - Size 56 - AbayaTopia

Prayer Abaya with Attached Hijab - Size 56

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A loose shaped abaya with an attached hijab. No more struggling with a separate scarf! This all-in-one is so quick and easy to wear and get ready in because of its attached scarf. Its cuffed sleeves make it convenient to perform wudu. It's so comfortable and classy, perfect for reciting prayers in, attending salah at the masjid or even for everyday wear!

Available in 1 size - size 56, length is approx 56"

Material: Lovely soft, flowy, dense & opaque polyester.

Washing Instructions: 

Take care and look after your abaya!

Professionally dry clean or handwashing is next best in cold/lukewarm water. Wash item separately by itself, at a low temperature. Do NOT tumble dry.


For most of our abayas, we usually offer the size range:  52, 54, 56, 58 and 60 (occasionally size 50 and 62 too). As the length increases, the width increases as well.

Our abayas are generally loose fitting and are suitable for sizes up to UK 14-18. A belt is provided for a more tailored look if you wish. 

It is important that you check your size prior to placing an order. Please use the chart below to help guide you on the size of abaya that you should order based on your height (unless the item has its own size chart displayed in the description).

Please note: The following sizes are guidelines only and there may be discrepancies of up to +/- 3cm in the actual garment.

Abaya Size

Abaya Length (inches)

Abaya Bust Width (inches)

Height (Feet/Inches)




5ft to 5ft1”




5ft2” to 5ft3”




5ft4” to 5ft5”




5ft6” to 5ft 7”




5ft8” to 5ft 9”


Other dresses and items that have a different size chart will be displayed in the description.

For exact measurements on a particular abaya, please feel free to contact us