Kimono Abaya

Here at AbayaTopia, our elegant abayas are designed to make sure you always stand out for the right reasons. 

Keeping within the fashion guidelines of the modest Muslim woman, our stylish abayas allow you to express your identity with class.

Whether you’re after a simple plain closed abaya for prayer, or a kimono abaya to solve a casual or special event attire dilemma, you’ll find an outfit with a flair of Islamic modesty for every occasion. 

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Closed Abaya

A closed abaya is the perfect option to throw on over your garments, without anything underneath being revealed. 

You’ll love our beautiful collection of closed abayas, with suitable options for both everyday wear and special occasions. Available in many different designs and colours, you’re sure to find clothing inspiration amongst our stunning collection of closed abayas.


Layered Abaya

A lavish layered abaya allows you to transition from day to evening with minimal effort. Their lightweight fabric makes our layered abayas a stunning choice for all seasons and occasions. A layered abaya provides the perfect amount of texture shape to complement all physiques.

Available in a range of gorgeous colours, most of our layered abayas come with matching hijabs, and some feature handy side pockets.


Open abaya

As traditional as they are stylish, our extensive range of open abayas delivers the ultimate in Islamic women’s fashion, modesty, and comfort.

Light and airy, our open abayas ensure a relaxed fit for freedom of movement, whilst making certain that you are well covered.

We have an open abaya for every taste and every occasion here at AbayaTopia. From plain open abayas to satin open abayas and beautiful beaded options, you’ll be spoilt for choice! 


Kimono abaya

An exquisite alternative to the traditional abaya, the kimono abaya is the ideal choice for any event. Their wide, flowing sleeves make them extremely breathable, and they feature an optional belt/sash, which you can tie around your waist for a more tailored look if you wish.
Available in a range of colours, sizes, styles, and materials, we have a kimono abaya to suit every unique style.


Open abaya Dubai style

The elegant and detailed embellishments of each of our Dubai style open abayas makes them one of the most popular designs amongst Muslim women.

With their delicate thread work, glittering stones, fabulous sequins and fine lacework, the open abaya Dubai style can add a modern and feminine touch to the wardrobe of any modest Islamic woman.


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If you have any questions about the range of abayas available to purchase from AbayaTopia, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our friendly team. 

Simply send us a message using our online contact form and we’ll be in touch as soon as possible.

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